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1. Anytime you choose to skate on a lake, canal, etc. your own your own. Make sure an adult checks the ice. 
2. Do Not go near any ice that has running water under it. i.e. where the lake drains into a creek or if on a canal near the 
3. Ice is considered safe if it's 6" thick. Have someone check thickness of ice.
4. Clear ice is stronger then milky colored Ice, when ice melts a little then refreezes it traps air & becomes milky, because 
    of the trapped air the bond between the ice crystals isn't as strong & the ice isn't as elastic. 
5. Snow covered Ice may not be safe. Most lakes will freeze at 32 degrees. However running water freezes slower and 
    snow is an insulator It will keep the area below it at 32 degrees. That's how igloos and Ice caves work. It's also why    
    farmers water orange groves if it's going to get really cold. Also the lake may have warm springs feeding it.
   5a.  clean the snow off & check the ice below. You can't skate on snow anyway.
6. A lot of lakes are checked by local fire departments. These are usually given a green flag if safe & a red flag if they 
    aren't. Check for flags.
7. Never skate alone.
8. Never skate in an area that's remote or hidden from view.
9. Never, Never skate on ice over fast flowing water. a. It doesn't freeze as good & b. If you break through you'll be 
    sucked under the ice with no chance of escape.
10. If you break through remember your cloths will act as an insulator so if you can't get out right away by kicking your  
      feet & swimming up onto the ice then cling to the ice and  don't move around as that will keep cold water moving into 
      the areas close to your body. Hypothermia is a major killer & will drain your strength very fast.
11. If you do get back on the ice stay prone. This will spread your weight over a larger  area of the ice. stay prone till you 
      get to more solid ice then head for somewhere where you can get dry & warm up.
12. If you see someone else in trouble let anyone around you know, have someone get to a location where they can call 
      for help. Unless you have no other choice, never try to rescue them by yourself. GET HELP. Some things that would 
      come in handy would be a rope, a ladder, a sled, or even a belt or tree branch. Never walk out to them or you may 
      very likely become a second victim. If you go out to them stay on your stomach & have someone hold your feet. 
13. Wear skates that fit comfortably and provide enough ankle support to keep you on your feet.
14. It wouldn't hurt to wear safety equipment. Such as a helmet I can remember hitting my head on the ice many times 
      when I was a kid.   
                                Go skating, Have fun but be CAREFUL.
                                    Some local area skating spots:
                             * = flags  People skating on a red flag will be fined.
                                                                 Conditions allowing:
Afton Lake, Yardley, Pa.  See Afton Lake
Delaware Canal, Pa. The canal that runs through Morrisville is recommended ONLY after a long very cold spell, then only when there's a group & the ice has been checked very thoroughly. Remember the bridges.
Lake Caroline, Falls Twp., Pa.            *
Lake Luxembourg, Core Creek Park near Newtown, Pa.     *
Lake Nockamixon: Nockamixon State Park 1542 Mountain View Dr. Quakertown, Pa.
Neshaminy Creek: in Tyler State Park just north of Newtown, Pa.      *
Lake Towhee: Old Bethlehem Rd. Applebachsville, Pa. 50 acre lake
Makefield Lakes, off Oxford Rd. Yardley, Pa.
Oxford Valley Park: Hood Blvd. & Oxford Valley Rd. Oxford Valley, Pa. 215 757-0571
Silver Lake Park:  Bath Rd. Bristol Twp., Pa.     *
Washington Crossing State Park Lake, Pa.   *
                                                                          N. J.
Brainerd Lake, Cranbury, N. J.  Offers lighted night skating
Carnegie Lake:  Princeton, N. J. Skating is only allowed in designated area.
Colonial Lake: off Rt. 1 Lawrence Twp. N. J. 
Gropp's Lake: South Broad St. Hamilton, N. J. 
Log Basin: on the Island in West Trenton
Martin Lake: Veteran's Park: Hamilton Twp. N. J. lighted for night skating plus bonefires
Memorial Park: located on Peddie Lake, Hightstown.
Face Off Circle: 1185 York Rd. Warminster, Pa. 215 674-2770
Grundy Rink: 475 Beaver Rd Bristol, Pa. 215 788-3311
Ice House: 111 Midtown Bridge Approach Hackensack, N. J. 204 487-8444
Ice Land Skating Center: 6 Tennis Ct. Hamilton Twp. N. J. 609 588-6672
Mercer County Skating Center: in Mercer County Park  $4.00 11 yr. & younger $6.00 
                                                  12 & older. 609 371-1669
River Rink at Penn's Landing: Phila. Pa. 215 925-RINK
Warwick Twin Rinks: 1621 Mearns Rd. Westminster, Pa. 215 441-5004
Winter Sports Arena: 551 North York Rd. Willow Grove, Pa. 215 659-4253
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